The Percy Jackson Series By: Rick Riordan

The Percy Jackson series
By: Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief
Percy Jackson is going to a museum for his school, when suddenly his math teacher Mrs. Dodds, who’s always hated him, takes him to a separate wing of the museum. There, she transforms into a winged beast and tries to kill Percy. But luckily Percy’s pen turns into a sword and he kills the math teacher. When he goes outside no one seems to notice that she’s missing, and they all talk about the math teacher that they’ve had for the whole year who isn’t her. Later, when he’s on break with his mom in a cabin, this weird satyr creature comes up and warns them that they have to get out right away. He almost gets him all the way to Half Blood Hill when a minotaur attacks. Percy rips off one of the minotaurs horns and cuts the minotaurs stomach open with it, killing the minotaur. But his mom was already dead. He is claimed as son of the sea god, Poseidon, and blamed by Zeus for stealing his master bolt. He is forced to go on a quest to find it. Along the way they run into many beasts, and also Ares, who sends them on a mission to get his shield. They complete that mission, and then continue on. They also run into this weird mattress salesman, but that’s another story! When Annabeth, Grover the satyr, and Percy go into the Underworld they confront a big dog named Cerberus, and throw him a red ball which he loves. They then find Kronos, lord of the Titans, father of the gods, and figure out that he is rising back to power. Percy then finds out that he has the master bolt in his backpack, the backpack that Ares has given him. He puts it all together and goes and fights Ares, where he wins and gives the master bolt back to Zeus. He also alerts Zeus of the danger of Kronos coming back to life.

The Sea Of Monsters
I liked this book better than the first one because they talk a lot more about cyclopses, and Grover has a main role in it. Percy has to go and rescue Grover from the clutches of an evil cyclops, with his new Cyclops friend Tyson. I also like how he has to try to get a golden fleece from the Cyclops, so that he can save Half Blood Hill from being demolished and poisoned. When he puts the golden fleece back on the tree at Half Blood Hill, which stores all the shield power for the camp, it does its work all too well and releases Thalia, the daughter of Zeus from the tree. I really like how the author puts his words together so that at every moment you are interested and never left bored. It make me read until I could read no more, which is saying something.

The Titans Curse
In this book Percy had to go and save the goddess of hunt, Artemis, from the clutches of the evil lord Titan. I really liked how Percy took the sky into his own hands, off of the shoulders of Artemis, and how skeleton people attacked them all the way. I found it really upsetting that Annabeth was kidnapped and was not really in the story at all until the very end. But there at least was a daughter of Zeus. They went and had to go and fight Atlas, the guy who was holding up the sky. Luckily they won, by chance. I loved how in the book Annabeth’s dad helped them by flying his WWII fighter plane and shooting down half of the army of Kronos. I was really happy that they included a new twist to the story, by now having a son of Hades, who is good, believe it or not. But he looks like ten and is actually 86 years old.

Soldier Boys

Soldier Boys
By: Dean Hughes

This book is spilt into 2 kid’s stories Dieter’s and Spencer’s.

Dieter’s story
Dieter is a boy living in Germany during WWII, with a very strong belief in what Hitler and the Hitler youth are fighting for. He was excited about the Hitler youth because he was dared to dive into a very cold pond, and got praised by the older Hitler youth when he did. Two years later he is a Hitler youth leader trying to help by building trenches in a town in Germany when England’s fighter planes come by and kill one of his friends. After that incident an SS man contacts him by phone and tells him to be out in front of his house, in his best Hitler youth uniform at 5 am. He ends up getting an award from Hitler himself for fighting so valiantly by digging the trenches even under fire. He then asks a leader of the German army if he can fight in the war. The person he asks says yes, so he is sent to the 47th corps part of the 15th army, where he meets Schaefer and they head into a battle. He goes and kills his first American soldier. On one of his next battles, while they are fighting up the hill he is shot and left on the ground to die. A medic comes to help him, but the medic is shot. He lies there yelling for Schaefer, although he thinks Schaefer is dead. An American boy, a bit older than him, comes out and tries to drag him off of the field after the battle. But two German guards come and shoot the American boy. Dieter is sent back home with honors, and that is the end of his story.

Spencer’s Story
Spencer’s story begins when his father signs his papers so that he can join the paratrooper’s brigade in America. He is forced to work vigorously during his 3 month training for paratrooper duty at a fort in Nevada. He is then shipped off to England to wait a month for orders. There he meets Ted, a friend that he will have in his brigade. One day when they are out going down a hill, they start getting bombarded by German firing. They retreat and luckily they survive. The next day they try the same thing, only this time they are prepared. They have two more US army brigades, and they beat the Germans down. But unfortunately for Spencer, Ted has been hit and killed. While watching after the battle, he sees medics starting to come. He sees this one hurt kid, but doesn’t think too much about it. A medic runs up and tries to help the kid, but one of Spencer’s troop men shoots the medic. Spencer hits the kid yelling Schaefer all night long, he finally runs out against orders and tries to drag the kid up the hill while singing Silent Night to help calm the kid down. But unfortunately two German soldiers came up and shot Spencer because they thought he was trying to take Dieter prisoner. Spencer’s family mourns him, along with his older brother who is still in the navy. And that is the end of Spencer’s story.

The Tales Of Beedle The Bard

The tales of Beedle the Bard
By:Beedle the Bard
Notes by:J.K. Rowling

The Tales Of Beedle The Bard Is split into 5 stories of magical encounters, battles and love (twisted love).

The wizard and the hopping pot

This story begins with the with a son whose father has recently died and him his “magic” pot. The son finds in the pot a slipper, but alas only 1 slipper not a pair. Later the same day a villager comes in need of help for her granddaughter has a mighty spot of warts. The pot then grows a foot and starts to hop around with warts all over it. As more people come the pot gets all the misfortunes of them too. The wizards spell can do nothing to help keep the pot contained or heal it. The wizard then decides to go around and help the people. The pot illness stops and the wizard is allowed to put the slipper on the pot.

Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore explains the why most wizards hate this book as it includes pureblood helping muggles. He also shed the light on his and the kids hate of the “Happy” version. “Mrs.bloxam’s tale has met the same response from generations of wiziarding children: Uncontrollable retching, followed by an immediate demand to have the book taken from them and mashed into pulp.” good words I must say.

The fountain of fair fortune

The fountain of fair fortune begins when 3 witches form a partnership so they can all make it to The Fountain. As there sucked into the forest they clamp hands and one gets caught on a knights armor causing him to come with. There first challenge asked for proof of pain with the tears of Asha (the first witch) they pass. The second challenge wanted the fruit of their labors altheda walked hard but never moved. The sweat off her brow allowed them to pass.
Finally the final challenge arrived. Pay me the treasure of your past Amata finally put her memory into the river and some stepping stones appeared. They then realized they where better and the went back down. The Fountain little did they know was just a plain old fountain.

Dumbledore’s commentary
He tells of the hatred of this tale for at the end a witch marries a Muggle Knight. HOW HORRIBLE!!(It’s his favorite)

The Warlocks Hairy Heart

A young rich wizard noticed that you grow foolish when in love. Thus he pledged not to love, so he dabbled with the dark art’s. Big No No. He one day he met a bloody rich witch and he “dated” her. He finally let his secret out to her. He had cut his heart out and put it in a jar, but when he tried to put the HAIRY heart back in his chest a beast arose. He cut out the girl’s heart and then his own. Sadly they both died. 🙁
Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore comments on the gruesomeness of this tale and also tells that people don’t hate this tale. STRANGE 🙂 It also proves the first of Adalbert Waffling’ Fundamental laws of magic “Tamper with the deepest mysteries the source of life, the essence of self only if prepared for consequences of the most extreme and dangerous kind.”

Babbitty Rabbitty And Her Cackling Stump

A king believed only he should have magical powers (he is only a mere muggle king) and so he sent out a witch hunting brigade with black hounds. He then sent out for a magical tutor. No true witch or wizard volunteered, but alas a peasant saw his chance and asked the king to give him gold, ruby and 1- 2 sliver chalices, all of which the king did give the peasant. Little did the peasant know he was being watched picking twigs for wands by a real witch babbitty rabbitty. One day the king want’s to show off his “magic” to his court. So the peasant steals Babbitty’s wand and forces her to hide in a bush and do the kings tricks for him. She does great until the king must rise the dead. She fails and runs away, the guards see her and give chase. As she runs around a corner and turns into a tree. They guards cut down the tree and Babbitty cackles while torturing the king with a cruciatus curse. she demands a statue to built in her honor. After it is built a bunny pops out and sails away in a pot.

Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore talks of animagi and how Babbitty was most likely one.

The Tale Of The Three Brothers

Three Brothers alluded Death so Death gave them gifts. A never losing wand to the first, a rock to bring the dead and to the third a cloak of invisibility. The first brother is killed by a knife in the dark. The second brother tries to bring back his fiance but she is so life he kills himself to live fully in death with his fiance, but the third evaded death until the very end when he died happy and old.

Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore talked about the cloak that could exist along with the wand. He also talked about the risk of “reanimation” and it’s impossibility.

My opinion
I think that this book was great with good notes and commentary. I also like the tale of the three bros. the best because it show that brains can be better then brawn, But the other ones were okay.


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Pendragon: The Reality Bug By:D.J. MacHale

The Reality Bug began by repeating the last chapter of the previous book, in which Bobby found out that he must go to Veelox as soon as possible. Bobby went and got Gunny from First Earth to go with him, and as they arrived on Veelox Saint Dane was there, leaving for Eelong. Gunny went after Saint Dane while Bobby went to find Aja, the Traveler from Veelox to find out what was wrong.

When he found her she said nothing was wrong, it was all under control and he could leave. He then asked her, well then why did you call me? And she said, because you’re the lead Traveler and if anything goes wrong we HAVE to call you. It surprised Bobby to find out he was the lead Traveler, apparently Uncle Press had told that to all the Travelers except Bobby.
Aja was acting really snotty to Bobby, but Bobby still wanted to know what was going on anyways. He noticed the city was deserted and he asked Aja about that. She said it was because everyone was jumping in Lifelight. Aja said that she’d give Bobby a demonstration of Lifelight. And so they went to the big pyramid stuck right in the middle of the city, where Aja worked as a Phader, and entered the building. All the while she was telling him about Lifelight, how Lifelight was this virtual reality designed to be perfect. Aja explained how there are Vetters who take care of the jumpers’ physical health, and Phaders who manage the jumps and make sure nothing goes wrong in the jumps.

As they walked in, a Vetter ran up to them and took a blood sample of Bobby, since he was a new jumper. Once that was over, Aja gave him a tour of the pyramid, the Phader’s cubicles and the actual jump rooms. Aja found an empty jump room and led Bobby into it. Aja told Bobby to lie down on this table-like thing that came out of the wall, that immediately memorized his body structure and molded to his form like a Tempurpedic mattress. She then began the jump. The table Bobby was on retracted into the wall.

Bobby then heard a sound, and he recognized it, it was his dog Marley, which woke him up at home. He then got up and realized he was back home! He was so happy and joyful, but then he thought, wait, this is Lifelight, the perfect virtual world. Later he was taken out of Lifelight by Aja because she had to explain what was wrong and what was happening. The city was being destroyed because everybody was in Lifelight, but she had a solution to that: the Reality Bug — a computer virus programmed to make Lifelight less than perfect.

When she gave Bobby an example of it, Quigs from Denduron started chasing Bobby all around his school gym with Aja, making him want to leave the jump as fast as he could. But the control bracelet he was given to get out, wasn’t working. Aja finally got them and Bobby realized how this would help Veelox. Then she unleashed the Reality Bug, but all of a sudden all the jumpers’ jumps started going to a red alert. There was a problem in EVERYBODY’S jump.

Aja and one other Phader then decided that they have to suspend Lifelight, so that they can figure out how to fix it. When they suspend it, everything will just stop. They won’t be able to get the people out, but nothing will be able to hurt the jumpers. As Aja is chasing the Reality Bug deeper and deeper into the system to stop it, as it is what she thinks is causing this problem, she then realizes that it has gone deep enough that she needs the Origin Code. The Code which only the inventor of Lifelight knows. And no one has seen him, since he has been in a jump for three years. But his jump is running out of the Alpha core, a different core of power, so that they would be able to unsuspend his jump, without unsuspending anybody else’s. So Bobby realizes that if goes in alone, it will be too dangerous and he might die.

So he goes and gets Loor from Zadaa to help him in the jump. Aja then sends them in with two codes that they can use to somehow alter the jump — two codes that every lead Phader is given. One of the codes starts time in his jump again, and the other turns barbican right side up. As Bobby and Loor enter the barbican they see that the first of eight floors is a jungle. As they start running through the paths in a jungle, these vines shoot out at them. The vines come from a plant, that if it catches you, eats you. They run as fast as they can, and make it across to the other side of the room, where they find stairs leading up to the next room.

They climb up the stairs to a room that has water floating above their heads, almost like a pool. Bobby then, knowing Loor can’t swim, takes a vine from the room below and ties them together, so that he can swim her up. Once they make it to the top, they find more stairs and a door leading to an ice room. In the ice room there are sport connoisseurs skating around without skates on their feet. They then won’t let Bobby and Loor pass, unless they beat them in a game of slickshot. Bobby is given a pair of things, he doesn’t know what they are, that latch on to your shoe and let you move around like you’re on skates, but with more control and a bit smoother. Bobby wins the game of slickshot, and is about to move on, when Dr. Zetlin, the inventor of Lifelight, takes off his helmet being one of the racers, and leads them to the eighth floor spot where lives and all of his cooks are.

When they get a distress call from Aja, saying that the Reality Bug is now feeding off of all the other jumps and becoming huge, and breaking through into their core, and they have to get out as soon as possible. But none of their buttons are working! Then a black dot appears in front of them that is the Reality Bug, and it changes form into one of the Quigs from Denduron and starts chasing them around. They get chased all the way to the bottom floor, and then back up to the engine room where the barbican changes position from horizontal to vertical, and through the emergency hatch through which the Reality Bug can’t get through.
Once they get out of the barbican, Aja is able to pull them out of the jump and using the Origin Code (0) is able to stop the Reality Bug. After about a month of all jumps being shut down, the Lifelight Council decides that they have to start jumps up again, and Bobby realizes that Veelox has been Saint Dane’s first victory. He heads to Eelong to figure out what happened to Gunny.

Pendragon: The Never War By:D.J. MacHale

The never war began when Bobby and Spader landed in First Earth and found that there were 2 gangsters waiting for them at the flume. The second they stood up the gangsters fired their tommy guns at the flume and forced them onto the subway track right as a train is coming. Bobby at the last second told Spader to jump behind the train and run. When they made to the station everybody thought they where aliens because they still had Cloral clothes on. The went to a newsstand to find that First Earth was 1937.

They then saw everyone was on the ground. As they turned around they saw the gangsters. Just as the gangsters were about to shoot when Vincent Van Dyke stood up and told bobby and spader to run to the train and get on. As they do this the gangsters follow them on. “now!!!!” Bobby yelled and they jumped off the train just as the doors are closing. Trapping the gangsters inside and away from them.

Then Vincent Van Dyke, aka “Gunny” take them to his home and place of work, The Manhattan Hotel, where he gets them jobs there as bellhops. They find out that the gangsters which tried to shoot at them were working for winn Farrow, who is the enemy of the highest paying customer at the hotel, Max Rose, Bobby then realizes that he learned about the 1937 period in class, and he remembers that it’s just as the wheels of WWII start turning.

He then later discovers that Max Rose is giving something to the nazis, and they are paying him via LZ129 on May 6th. Bobby tells Spader and Gunny about his discovery. A week later there is a big ball celebrating a pilot from the Coast Guard who is coming there. As Bobby and Spader serve Max Rose at his table, they realize one of the gangsters — the nervous one sneaking along the wall of the room — is pulling a gun out of a tray. They decide that Spader should go and knock the assassin down while Bobby tackles Max Rose and gets him out of the way. Bobby tackles Max Rose and saves his life, Spader helping by tackling the assassin.

Max Rose gives them both a reward by letting them work for him, but first they must pass his test. That test is to tell winn Farrow to back off. when they go, winn Farrow’s 10 gangsters circle Bobby and Spader and lead them into a hall where they meet winn Farrow for the first time. winn Farrow seems to them this crazy person. after meeting with Winn Farrow and telling him the message to back off, winn Farrow’s gangsters tie them up and launch this almost firework bomb at the building.

with the fire spreading fast, Bobby and Spader have no idea what to do. They try to get out of the ropes but they just can’t. Then they see him: Saint Dane. Just standing there, laughing at them. Eventually Saint Dane walks away but leaves the door open, giving them a route to escape. Spader, with all the rage inside him to get his revenge on Saint Dane, breaks through the ropes freeing himself and Bobby, and runs after Saint Dane. They fall through the fiery floor and land in the water. Spader then drags Bobby out to shore, and they see all the gangsters there, staring at the burning building.

Bobby then realizes there is only one way to get out of this mess. They have to run behind a truck, so that the gangsters won’t be able to get a clear shot at them, and then run home. Of course, Spader gets across without the gangsters seeing him, but then Bobby goes across and one stupid gangster turns around and goes “Hey!” and starts shooting. as the gangsters shoot at the truck, a black car drives through the mass of them, turns around and heads to Bobby and Spader. as the car comes toward them, you see Gunny pop his head out the window and say “Get in!” The car never stops driving, but the doors open and they jump in.

Bobby tells Gunny about the firework missile and Gunny tells him that he found out what LZ129 was. LZ129 was the Hindenburg. They realize that winn Farrow plans to blow up the Hindenburg with one of his missiles, and that they must stop that from happening. But Bobby isn’t quite sure that’s right, and he wishes that there was a time or a place that he could go to make sure, and Gunny tells him that there is: Third Earth. Gunny and Bobby flume to Third Earth, while Spader stays behind to make sure nothing happens. When Bobby gets there, he realizes that Third Earth is 5010, and that the world has created a perfect harmony of a place, a perfect utopia.

They find Patrick, the Traveler from that territory, and he takes them to the library. They calculate what will happen if the Hindenburg doesn’t blow up, and they find out if it doesn’t blow up, Germany will build the first atomic bomb and bomb New York, Washington, DC, and England. Thus also destroying the perfect utopia that will be Third Earth. Bobby then realizes that they have to get back as fast as they can and tell Spader not to stop the Hindenburg from blowing up. When they get back, they find a note that Spader left saying that he took a bus to the place where the Hindenburg is going to land, Lakehurst airfield, to stop the Hindenburg from blowing up.

Bobby and Gunny then go and find Jinx, the Coast Guard pilot. As he’s flying them to Lakehurst, they notice a silver bus below them, that came from New York. So Bobby jumps out of the plane with his parachute pack and lands right in front of the bus. The bus stops and lets him on. But Spader wasn’t on the bus! Then, as it stops for gas, Bobby sees somebody familiar: there is Max Rose. And along with him, in his car, is Spader. Bobby tells Spader what was going to happen if the Hindenburg doesn’t blow up, but Spader just doesn’t believe it. Bobby hitches a ride with Spader and Max Rose and then he remembers: Max Rose was supposed to get into a car accident on this trip, which will kill everybody in the car. He remembers what street it’s at, and luckily stops the car accident before they get hit.

Spader and one of Max Rose’s gangsters steal the motorcycle of the cop that almost ran into them. as they start out to Lakehurst to stop the plane, Bobby steals Max Rose’s car and starts driving it to Lakehurst airfield. when he gets there, he sees Spader and the thug about to stop winn, but luckily winn takes out the thug, but Spader is still going and about to stop the missile, but then Gunny shows up out of nowhere and stops Spader. and the Hindenburg blows up and all goes as planned. Bobby then tells Spader that he can’t work with Spader, until Spader learns to trust Bobby and not allow his rage at Saint Dane to take over. Bobby then travels to Second Earth to relax for a week. He meets up with Mark and Courtney and then moves on to Veelox, because of a distress call from a Traveler there.

Pendragon: The Last City Of Faar By:D.J. MacHale

The Lost City of Faar is the second book in the Pendragon Series, which is about a Traveler named Bobby, who flumes through space and time to save different worlds. In the beginning of the book, when Bobby goes to Cloral, everything looks fine. So he hangs out with the Traveler to be from that territory, Spader, as a farmer working on Grallion. But then Magorran dies from a disease. They think that an evil Traveler, named Saint Dane, must be behind it. Agronomers soon test the food supply and found it had been poisoned on a one of the underwater farms, which had recently switched to a new fertilizer.
Spader then finds this weird note left to him by his father, a symbol of the fairy tale of the lost city of Faar. They then realize that once they get two other parts to it, there are coordinates along the top. They followed them to the deepest point on Cloral. They then dived under using air globes and found Faar. Spader and Bobby find out that Faar has the answer to all of Cloral’s problems and that they are sending out an antidote to the poisonous fertilizer using haulers.
But Saint Dane, disguised as Zy Roder, shot underwater torpedoes at the hauler doors and trapped them inside Faar. Bobby then realizes the battle for Cloral is over, but one of Faar’s elders talked about transpiring earlier, and they decide they might as well finish his work. As they run through the ruined and flooded Faar. They find the button to transpire and they push it with all their might. They discover that transpiring forced Faar to resurface. They would be able to get the haulers out again. Bobby, then, with all the joy stored up in him goes and gets the all haulers running.
They captured Saint Dane, but Saint Dane escaped and traveled to First Earth. As they realize this, they go back to the Flume. Just as Spader is about to Flume, the flume activates and you hear the fire of a machine gun. Bobby’s uncle Press runs forward and pushes Spader out of the way, taking the all bullets. He then dies in Bobby’s arms. He is given a proper funeral along with one of the elders of Faar, and buried in the Graveyard of Heroes. Bobby decides he must go after Saint Dane to First Earth, to stop the treachery there. So Spader and Bobby move on to First Earth, not knowing what to expect.

Island Of The Blue Dolphins

Hi it’s nathaniel again,

BOOK SUMMARY: I’m writing to you today about the book Island Of The Blue Dolphins By Scott O’Dell. When I first saw it looked really really boring the only reason I read the book was for school. But I got hooked on the first Chapter.

This book is about a young girl named Karana on the Island Of The Blue Dolphins which has been ravaged of most of it sea otters by the Aleuts for nothing but worthless jewels. Then when the Aleuts leave her peoples chief goes to the home of the aleuts in russia for help. After many a moons boats come with help from there chief. As everyone boards the ship a horrible storm hits and the ships must leave. But Karana realizes that her brother isn’t on any boat. So she jumps off the boat and swims to the shore. Were her brother is jumping and waving for help.

After months of moons Karana brother is killed by wild dogs. After that she decides to travel to russia by herself on 1 canoe. Two moons later she turns around and heads back to her home. She then makes a new home out of whale ribs. That Definitely keep wild dogs out. Eventually she befriends a Aleut wild dog and keeps it as a pet. When the Aleuts come back they hunt the rest of the sea otters. But the wife of a Aleut man finds Karana with her old dog. Karana and this woman befriend each other and share gifts. However soon after they leave Rontu dies.

Then Karana hunts down and captures him naming him Rontu-Antu (Rontu Jr.). Then she gets caught in huge storms that flood the land. Soon after these days she saved and taking off the island for a new life.

MY OPINION: I think that this book is a 5-star book. That deserves awards more then what it got. But a more interesting cover and maybe a catch phrase could help. Also more action verbs. But other then that it was great.

Ipod Nano thru the wash

I accidentally put my nano thru the washer!!!!! But we found it after the washer cycle and I put it next to my gecko’s heat lamp. 6-7 days later we plugged it in and it was working fine. But the most important thing is we didn’t try to turn it on until it was dry.