After many years of delays, it appears that our Residential Street Vitality Project (RSVP) will get under way. RSVP replaces our (technically unpaved) oily gravel streets with proper paved streets. Our curbs and gutters all get rebuilt. Our street lights are replaced with new lanterns. While the street is torn up, an number of utilities also get an overhaul, including new water mains throughout the neighborhood.

Recent news about the RSVP project…

Our project is called the Prior/Goodrich RSVP (project area 72) and is bounded by Summit, Saint Clair, Cleveland, and Fairview. It should get underway in May 2012 and more or less wrap up by November 2012 (though some final paving may await the spring of 2013), about four months for any given street. The project is managed by the City of Saint Paul’s Public Works department, with details on their website. Our site inspector (the person to call with any questions) is Drew McLean, 651-775-3040.

Map of Prior/Goodrich RSVP

The roads highlighted in red on this map will be included in this project.