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Using my Desk

Since I use a walker to get around during this non weight bearing period I can’t really sit down into chairs that move at all. Yet this is what my desk chair is, being that it turns and has wheels. So we came up with the idea of using the lower drawer of my desk drawers as a mechanism to stop my desk chair from moving that much, to make it possible for me to get into it all on my own (also with the help of a grabber-like thing we keep on my walker to open the drawer with). I then have a stool with a pillow for my right foot under my desk, although realistically a chunk of the time I’m sitting my right foot is down like normal (and my left foot) because that is a bit more comfortable, neither foot bears weight when I’m sitting anyhow, and it doesn’t help to keep either foot/leg in one position for too long anyway (regardless of the recovery).

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This is fascinating I’m struggling with the foot up under the desk deal. Thanks for sharing your adaptive experience.

Alex… VERY clever… why am I not surprised at the creative solution you devised… certainly attests to the fact that your brain cells continue to operate well, despite the physical hindrances… keep on keepin’ on… Carolyn

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