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On my journey, I’ve been learning how to do things in the online realm. Something I recently created for my web log is a notification box.

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Watch out for this exhibit

NASA Science News for July 1, 2003

Would you like to fly to the space station? Take a shower in microgravity?
See Earth from Earth-orbit? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you might want to check out something new at local libraries: a portal to outer space! The NASA @ your library exhibit launches a nationwide tour today, and could be coming soon to a library near you.

Great Deals!

It’s been a busy few days since my daughter, Katheryn, just turned 20 and we did a lot of celebrating!

We did get an interesting catalog in the mail. I’d never seen it before and all it said was Daedalus Books on the cover. I started looking and was quite happy. Here was a catalog I REALLY wanted!

Every book on every page had heavy discounts. I went online to their web site and placed an order. I picked up 9 new books for less than $50.

Here’s their byline: “Daedalus Books & Music, the online discount book and music store selling thousands of quality bargain books and overstock CDs for the independent reader and listener.”

These aren’t the latest books but they have the number of pages and the publication year to help determine the really good deal you get.

Until next time,


Got a Minute?


At 12:34am, my time, I finished the novel part and started the non-fiction part of “The One Minute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hanson and Robert G. Allen. I almost couldn’t go back to sleep.

I consider it the single most important book I have ever read.

“Here are two books in one, fiction and nonfiction, designed to address two kinds of learning so that you can fully integrate these life-changing lessons.” – from the jacket of the book

The book is written in this way to appeal to either the ‘engineer’ types or the ‘artistic’ types. I’ll be reading both – more than once I’m guessing.

I encourage you to visit the library and look at this book in particular, and anything else by Robert G. Allen.

Reading this book, at this point in time, has changed my life forever!

Be healthy, wealthy and wise,


Please contact me if you have any questions:


Hard to believe!

And I’ve known about this service for awhile too.

You can get long distance phone calls for 2.9 cents a minute in continental USA with no extra charges of any kind! provides this service.

Evidently, their overseas costs are similarly inexpensive. I saw 3.9 cents a minute for a call to Taiwan on their page!

If you sign up for this service, let them know I referred you – we’ll both get extra minutes FREE! Copy/paste my promotional code: 036603345 into the very bottom of the sign up page where it indicates “Promotion/Suite Treat code:”

Don’t wait to phone mom or dad to let them know how much you care!


Happy Birthday!

My friend Sanya celebrates her birthday today. This reminds me of a great service, that reminded me of her birthday! sends out a really nice note to people you contact requesting their birthday information. If they fill it out, you will get an email message a few days before their birthday letting you know it’s time to do something about it!

Happy Birthday Sanya!



Interested in rubber stamping for scrapbooking, cards or decoration? Here’s a place you can win free stamps. Enter once a month, sometime between the 15th of one month and the 14th of the next. So if you entered today, be sure and go back sometime after the 15th and enter again!

free stamps

Good Luck!


Have your homemade dinner and eat it too

With ever busier schedules, an old idea can be put to modern use.

Want to come home to a home-cooked meal after a hard day’s work?

Remember that crock-pot you probably got for housewarming, wedding gift or something, but has been gathering dust ever since?

Well, BREAK IT OUT and here’s a great “All-In-One Meal” that’s just wonderful you can start out with:


6 medium carrots
2 medium-sized yellow onions
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