Preparing the Aerie

I was back in Dagmar’s apartment overnight while waiting for my morning flight. I spent some time prepping a bit. Moved the cat litter and food to her guest bathroom to free up the master bathroom for the raised toilet seat to come. Cleared some pathways so that Dagmar could get down her hall and into her study area. We will have to do something about the rocking chair blocking the route to the bathroom. Sasha is lying in wait to trip up her mistress with joy.

Measured the bed as 20 to 21 inches off the floor, but the black living room furniture is only 14 inches off the floor and the red couch (which I had to move over a bit to make a clear path) is only 12 inches off the floor. Clearly Dagmar will have to continue to work on bending that new knee in order to comfortably stand up from such low furniture.

And she will certainly want to make the walk down to Natalie’s place, the view this morning was spectacular.

One thought on “Preparing the Aerie”

  1. Dear Eric,
    Thanks for this information, too, it’s all been great!! I visited Dagmar with my friend Paul Linden (Aikido and body work) on Saturday. Thanks to the snow we arrived 2 hours later than planned, no body work, were in time to watch Dagmar eat supper, be drowsy, then go to sleep. Clearly an earlier time is better, I’ll see what I can do yet this week. I brought 2 Cleveland mysteries by Les Roberts from my mother’s library; since Dagmar doesn’t read mysteries they are yours for the taking you Celestial Clevelanders. Happy Advent and Hannukah, Helen

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