Game #1: Half-Life 2

I decided to start this adventure off with a game I’ve played before, the ever classic Half-Life 2. This game was originally produced by Valve in 2008, but remains a classic for any gamer today. For those of you have never heard of Half-Life 2 before, it is the second part of saga of Gordan Freeman (your character). You guide Gordan Freeman through a dystopian alternate history of Earth, where the resources of the planet, including the human race itself, are being harvested by an oppressive multidimensional empire, known as the Combine. Sounds fun, right?

Update you on my progress soon – Nate

3 thoughts on “Game #1: Half-Life 2

  1. Hey, and your gaming adventure will leave you with only half a life, so a very appropriate start!

  2. So I’m curious what the oppressive elements of this multidimensional empire are? Do they turn humans into slaves? Or zombies? Are they into profit-whoring? tell me more!

    • Well, It’s quite the complicated thing. You have the Combine which, in my understanding, is a multidimensional empire made up of alien, synthetic, and human elements. The Combine basically rule by “suppressing dissent with brutality, policing using violence and using invasive surgery to transform humans into either soldiers or slaves. Throughout the games, the player primarily battles with transformed humans as well as synthetic and mechanical enemies that are the product of Combine technology.” So yeah…. They are not a lot of fun… Well they are fun to fight. 🙂

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