Parking permit signs are here

In case you have not noticed, the new Area 21 parking permit signs are up. For most residents of Area 21 this just means that you no longer need permits to park in the evening or during the summer months. But for residents of Lincoln Avenue whose address is odd between 1943 and 2009 or even between 1944 and 2022, this means you need to buy a parking permit to park on the street. It is not clear when enforcement of the new parking requirements will start, but any permit you buy today will be valid through August 2013, so there is no reason to delay.

Please see the city web page on residential permit parking for instructions. Note that you will need your driver’s license showing your Lincoln Avenue address, your current vehicle insurance card, and the make, model, year, color and license plate number for the vehicle. There are alternatives if any of these present a problem for you, see the instructions or call traffic operations at 651-266-9777 for details. Permits cost $10 per vehicle.

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