Help your neighbors help Nepal

Do you realize we have neighbors on our Lincoln Avenue block who have come here from the region and still have family there? We spoke with the Norbus this week and they tell us the situation is still desperate.

We were not sure where best to direct funds, so we asked them to suggest a couple of organizations to which we could all feel confident making donations. They suggested these two: Karuna-Shechen and the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

Please, consider helping your neighbors help Nepal. Please go to one of these websites and make a donation today.

Karuna-Shechen says that all donations made until May 31st 2015 will be directed towards relief efforts to help earthquake victims in Nepal. Its mobile medical clinics and camps have a team of professionals on the ground trained and already helping victims of this disaster.

The FPMT says the needs include food and shelter for more than 800 monks and nuns as well as structural repairs to buildings that are no longer safe to occupy as a result of the earthquake. Their fund will also be used to offer immediate relief and support to other areas in the Himalayan region.

Thank you,
…Eric & Mary (1993 Lincoln)