About 1964 Lincoln Avenue

Most of you have seen the “Custom Homes” sign up at 1964 Lincoln and know that our block is due for one of the infamous “teardowns” that many in the neighborhood are concerned about. Let’s hope it goes well and the results are not too disruptive. Custom Homes met with some neighbors earlier this week and Mike’s note below is full of useful information for those who want to know more.

Hi Neighbors!

For those who were unable to attend the meet-and-greet with the Custom Home folks, here are the documents shared with us. I found the first two images the most instructive. The first shows the footprint of the new home (in the middle) compared to the footprint of the neighboring buildings. The second is a rendering of the exterior of all four sides. There will be a detached garage in the location of the current garage and home (which will be torn down, if I remember correctly, on September 2).

Here are other points that I recall (sorry, I was not taking notes):

  • Work hours will be 7-7 (although he does not expect the crews to arrive that early most days)
  • Outside construction is expected to be complete by the end of November, with the remaining inside construction to take place through the winter
  • The house is expected to go on the market in March 2016
  • The finished square footage is ~3500 (3 levels, 1150 footprint)
  • Excavators are expected to access the property via the alley (but should not be parked so as to block alley traffic), other construction vehicles will be parked on Lincoln
  • The site will have an orange plastic temporary site fence
  • The site is not sold at this time, although they have some potential interest. I took this to mean that they have buyers that are generally interested in a Custom Home and that consider each new project, but that no one has expressed specific interest in this property yet.
  • Custom expect to sell for mid $600K’s
  • Their design was approved under the prior building ordinances. The new ordinances do not go into effect until September.

Also, here is the contact information for Jason at Custom, if you have any questions or concerns (now or any time during the project):

Jason Timmers
(651)245-8146 (Mobile)

If anyone has any other tidbits they found interesting or memorable, feel free to share them.

Best Wishes,



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