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Silly Eric

So, you know that part of my non weight bearing recovery where I was going to stay on the second floor except for follow-up doctors appointments? Bit late for that, all thanks to Eric. Story time:

Over the last few weeks Mary has been complaining that our fancy (but at least a decade and half or so old) front door lock that lets you use codes to unlock it has not been working for her. It has been working just fine for Eric and I.

Anyway, a little bit ago she came home and, again, could not unlock it. But this time, Eric insisted he show her it worked. So, he went outside, with no coat, just a T-shirt and pants in sub 20 degree weather, locked the front door, and proceeded to watch her try and unlock it. She failed. Again. And again. Then he failed. Again. And again. The lock has a normal key too, but neither of them had it. Cadi enjoyed watching this unfold from the front hall. I, less so, hearing it from upstairs wondering if they would need help.

Then they call me. First Mary insisted that Eric ask me for my code (which I’ve used since we got the lock, and that originated from my student ID number at Crosswinds). I tell it to him. They try it. Again. And again. The lock doesn’t unlock. Nuts.

So they ask if I can go downstairs to unlock the door manually, as, you know, you can do from the inside. Mind you, I hadn’t done that while in non weight bearing recovery on my own before. Good news, I figured out how to do it. They got in. Eric could begin to defrost.

He tries the lock with no pressure of the door being closed. It doesn’t unlock. Well, he thinks, should have tried that first. Guess we need a new lock for our front door. But by this time I’m downstairs. So we all eat lunch in the dining room and Eric researches new door locks. I now know I can get downstairs on my own, and have already pretty much been getting back upstairs with no help anyway. Well, in both cases, I still need someone to bring the walker up and down. But still, I get myself on the stairs well enough.

As I write this I’m back upstairs and Eric is off purchasing a new lock. Since technology, as, well, technology, constantly changes and it has been over a decade, we at least get to try some of the benefits of that time. The new lock he plans to buy will still have a way to enter codes to unlock the door, but also work with the Home app on our devices so our phones and watches can lock and unlock the door as well, even with proximity. Apparently this also means we would be able to remotely unlock the door if, say, an aunt or cousin needs to get in and we aren’t around. Maybe we’ll use the codes way less, and also all share one within our family, and still possibly have one for my cousins who are in colleges nearby.

Achievement unlocked: I can get down, not just up, the stairs on my own.

Lesson learned: Try unlocking the door before you lock yourself out.

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Sounds just like Eric. I have the old school lock with a key you have to jiggle just right to unlock the door. Works every time…but you do need a pesky key. Congrats on the stairs. But don’t overdo it! Slow and steady!!!!

Oh my… interesting family dynamics for sure… congrats on saving your parents… glad you figured out how to navigate the steps, but please be careful… Carolyn

Ditto! You write so well Alex, and you are clearly a natural storyteller. Have you considered a career in writing? Newspaper columns? You could be the new Erma Bombeck!
Please stay off the stairs. I know how tempting it is, believe me. I was confined upstairs for six weeks with foot surgery and another five weeks for knee surgery.
Let me know when you’re ready for visitors.
Best wishes!

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