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Last Cast

This morning I had my third follow up appointment with Dr. Koop. This time I got the first post-surgery X-rays, which showed that the bones are healing and fusing at a better pace than expected for someone my age. It has only been 6.5 weeks since surgery, but the bones are already showing clear signs of fusing together as expected.

The swelling was down enough that we were able to make a mold for my new AFO. This brace will be a solid piece, without any hinge, though once the rehabilitation and PT are far enough along Dr. Koop may decide to modify it to allow for ankle movement.

I got my next cast put on (this one light green), which Dr. Koop says is bound to be the last. This cast, like the one before it, should be on for exactly two weeks (barring any complicating factors if Coronavirus spreads across the Twin Cities before then making the hospital appointments change in some way), and then it’ll be time for another round of X-rays, and in all likelihood fitting my new AFO. So, this is the last cast as far as we know right now.

Further, Dr. Koop said that at least some degree of weight bearing will start following that next appointment if all goes as it seems it should based on today’s visit. We’ll see what that means in two weeks, but my guess is mainly that I shouldn’t put 100% weight on it (so, take stairs like I have been right now or just using my left foot weight bearing on stairs), and may want to have the walker nearby if needed. Certainly, more semblance of normal may pick up over time starting then, including the ability to bathe and shower more normally, perhaps. But we’ll see. It’ll all be according to Dr. Koop’s medical orders two weeks from now. Onward.

Achievement unlocked: AFO molded.

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