Monthly Archives: July 2006

Marco Torres talk blogged

Thanks to weblogg-ed‘s links, here’s a blog post about a presentation that Marco Torres recently made at the education conference taking place in Boston. It’s a wonderful description of the ways in which an inner city school teacher is using media tools to help his kids gain literacy — in Freire’s deep sense of that word. Once again I am reminded of how much more creative K12 teachers are, when compared with higher ed (at least in the theo ed world).

Ideals of free software and South Africa

First Monday has a really interesting set of papers up on open content and open access issues. One piece considers whether, and perhaps how, the idea of free software and free knowledge might align with the South African freedom charter, as opposed to “American libertarianism.” I think it’s important to recognize the distinctions between “free software” and “open access” or “creative commons” ideas, because they’re not identical, and this piece points out some of the reasons why the “free” language can be easily co-opted by dominant institutions.