Monthly Archives: July 2007

Supporting open access

Bernie Sanders rightfully calls our attention to the upcoming spectrum sale, when the US switches over to digital television. He notes that

“the airwaves that carry UHF in the 700 MHz range will become vacant as the U.S. transitions to Digital Television in 2009. These airwaves could beam wireless all over the country-through mountains, forests and walls-and the auction is scheduled for next January. On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission will set the rules for the auction. Now is the time to support “open access” provisions in these rules. Without “open access” the U.S. runs the risk of handing over the Internet to corporate interests for at least another generation.”

It’s easy in the midst of all the other chaos and crisis to miss the opportunity to make a real difference. Here’s an opportunity to do so. Contact the FCC, and ask for the following three elements for the auction:

“At this pivotal moment in the history of media, Americans should demand that the FCC support “open access” in three ways in the upcoming auction. “Open access” must mean free use of devices and services over all networks. Second, it must mean unfettered access to any and all content. Finally, “open access” must mean wholesale provisions to optimize competition among service providers and break the grip that giant telecoms hold on the future of the Internet.”

It’s critical that we advocate to support open access. If you use the net at all, take just a moment and contact the FCC.