Crosswinds will stay OPEN!

The EMID Board voted to keep the Crosswinds School open next year under the management of the Perpich Center for Arts Education. Since the legislature did not authorize conveyance of the building, this required EMID to reverse its earlier closure of the school and enter into a management agreement with Perpich. This is very exciting news since it means that all students are welcome to attend Crosswinds next year!

Since we are sure that many families have many questions about this development, EMID Families has invited Perpich to join us for a meeting at Crosswinds this coming Sunday (7/14) at 2pm. The short version of (most of) the answers is “it will work like it has worked in the past,” but Perpich is very interested in answering your question and making it possible for everyone who wants to stay at Crosswinds to do so. Please join us Sunday to learn about next steps.

The testimony from both families and the board tonight was very moving. We recorded it and the audio and video should be available tomorrow. Please check our website for an update with pointers to these recordings. Meanwhile, read the stories in the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune.

Crosswinds will be OPEN next year!

Update: we now have video of the whole board meeting available on YouTube.

On 10 July 2013 the East Metro Integration District Joint Powers Board questions Sue Mackert of the Perpich Center for Arts Education about a management contract for the Crosswinds Arts & Science School, hears public testimony in favor of the plan, and votes to approve it. Crosswinds is an inter-district integration, arts, and science magnet school which will now continue to provide services to families in “east metro” of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

EMID Board Work Session

  • Sue Mackert presents answers to questions prepared by the EMID Board (0:00:13)
  • Q&A between the board and Perpich representatives (0:42:08)

(this video includes the seven minute break between the work session and the special meeting of the board)

EMID Board Special Meeting

  • Eric Celeste, parent (2:09:48)
  • Jocelyn Stein, parent (2:15:56)
  • Bev Sellie, parent (2:17:46)
  • Holly Ingersoll, parent (2:19:06)
  • Thomas Boguszewski, alumn (2:25:25)
  • Anna Barker, teacher (2:28:30)
  • Carrie Dickson, parent (2:32:48)
  • Kim Zaiman, parent (2:38:08)
  • Susan Larson, parent and Perpich board member (2:41:45)
  • Tami Bayne-Kuczmarski, parent (2:43:30)
  • JoAnn Ward, state representative (2:46:21)
  • Bill Droessler, parent (2:48:59)
  • Discussion of approving the extension of the closure of Crosswinds to the end of the 2013-2014 school year (2:51:35)
  • Roll call on extension (2:56:12)
  • Discussion of approval of the Perpich contract for Crosswinds (2:57:18)
  • Lori Swanson, White Bear Lake (3:00:48)
  • Cindy Nordstrom, Inver Grove Heights (3:04:51)
  • Kitty Gogins, Roseville (3:06:34)
  • Amy Williams, South St. Paul (3:07:48)
  • Marilyn Forsberg, Spring Lake Park (3:09:18)
  • Jim Gelbmann, South Washington County (3:10:24)
  • Karen Morehead, Forest Lake (3:18:25)
  • Byron Schwab, West St. Paul (3:19:10)
  • Roll call on Perpich contract (3:20:00)
  • Other business (3:21:16)
  • Board forum (3:24:10)
  • Goodbye to Mary Ojile (3:28:30)