EMID Joint Powers Agreement

The current EMID Joint Powers Agreement is the sixth revision of this document.

This is a brief history of the EMID Joint Powers Agreement. The documents used for this guide were provided by Mary Ojile and Shari Thompson in the EMID district office.

The original EMID Joint Powers Agreement seems to have been entered into on 18 May 1985. Oddly enough, this version of the JPA has not been provided. It seems the June 1997 is the first governing version of this document.

1st Revision: June 1997

  • Name at founding is Tri-District.
  • Member districts include: 622 (Maplewood), 623 (Roseville), and 625 (Saint Paul).

2nd Revision: January 1998

  • Membership stays the same: 622, 623, 625.
  • Added compensatory aide to 5.1(3).

3rd Revision: January 1999

  • Membership stays the same: 622, 623, 625.
  • Changed “retainage amounts” in 5.1(4).

4th Revision: March 2003

  • Membership expands, adding: 006 (Special), 197 (West Saint Paul), 199 (Inver Grove Heights), 624 (White Bear Lake), 832 (Mahtomedi), 833 (South Washington County), and 834 (Stillwater). Now includes: 006, 197, 199, 622, 623, 624, 625, 832, 833, 834.
  • Name changes to East Metro Integration District.
  • Major revisions to create EMID Board.
  • Note inclusion of Article Ten: Representative Assembly.

5th Revision: December 2007

This is the revision that coincided with the board decision to remove levy dollars from the funds transferred to EMID. Instead of charging levy dollars, the board agreed to increase the percentage of district-wide integration funds transferred to EMID. This is often called the “2008 revision” because it happened during FY2008.

  • Membership stays the same: 006, 197, 199, 622, 623, 624, 625, 832, 833, 834.
  • Removed “excess levy referendum revenues” from 13.C. But note that earlier 13.C reference to “all pupil-based state aid and local tax levies received by the Member District for each resident pupil attending EMID school” is left intact.

6th Revision: December 2011

This revision coincided with the board decision to keep EMID schools open, but remove any integration district-wide dollars from their funding. The schools were made dependent only on “backpack” dollars and the district-wide integration dollars sent to EMID were restricted to being spent only on “shared member services”. It also removed the representative assembly.

  • Membership adds: 016 (Spring Lake Park), 831 (Forest Lake)
  • Membership removes: 622 (Maplewood), 832 (Mahtomedi).
  • Membership: 006, 016, 197, 199, 623, 624, 625, 831, 833, 834.
  • Changed 2.C. and 2.D. to allow appointment of non-board members to EMID Board.
  • Changed 7.D. to eliminate requirement for annual superintendents meeting.
  • Removed 8.M. reference to the assembly.
  • Removed Article Ten representative assembly.
  • Changed 13.B. (formerly 12.B.) to allow different budget schedule in years where JPA itself is revised.
  • Changed 14.A. (formerly 15.A.) to allow board to create and conduct programs for the benefit of member district students and families.