EMID Member Districts

DistrictsSince the East Metro Integration District (EMID) is made up of ten school districts, it can be a challenge to find out who to contact when you want to make your voice heard. This page pulls together information about each of the school boards that are part of EMID.

Please note that the EMID Joint Powers Board no longer has any role in administering Crosswinds or Harambee. EMID is a collaborative of ten districts who operate under a “joint powers” agreement, hence this “joint powers” board. The board is made up of one representative from the school board of each participating school district.

Emidboard 1201

EMID also provides its own list of joint powers board members. Here our list, which was last updated according to the January 2014 minutes of the board:

In the past we have also had districts 622 and 832 participating, but they have left the EMID collaborative.

All at once?

If you wish to send an email to all of the board at once, just click on this address.

Committee Assignments

The EMID board has a number of committees. They work hard to make sure these committees have fewer than six members, so that the meetings of these committees can happen behind closed doors. Six members of the EMID board would constitute a “quorum” and force the meeting to be public. These were the committee assignments made by the board in 2014:

Executive Director’s Advisory Committee (formerly the Steering Committee): Brodrick, Forsberg, Gogins, Hoeppner.

Finance Committee: Brodrick, Gelbmann, Nordstrom, Schwab, Williams.

Policy Committee: Forsberg, Morehead, Swanson.

Personnel Committee: Morehead, Schwab, Swanson.

Association of Metropolitan School Districts Liaison: Gelbmann.

Past committees included:

Special Superintendent Search Committee (Winter/Spring 2012): Brodrick, Gogins, Hoeppner, Schwab, Swanson.