Watch us grow!

While we have succeeded in keeping both Harambee and Crosswinds open, the quest for real integration across Minnesota continues. We’ve decided to be a bit more visible in that work! If you would like to be visible too, just grab a button or bumper sticker.


The symbol of a dandelion came about during the 2013 legislative session. One mom who was at the capitol day after day realized that spring had sprung and suddenly dandelions were all over her yard. After a pang of dismay, she realized that dandelions were exactly what we had to be! We had to spring up at the capitol at a moment’s notice, spread the seed of our message across the state, and keep coming back, no matter what happened. She challenged us to be dandelions.

As we thought about it, we realized there were other reasons to embrace dandelions. A dandelion is often called a weed, but a weed is simply a plant that’s growing in a place where you don’t want it. Many people suffering from white privilege see integration as a weed. But for those of us who care about it, integration is a wonderful plant that we’re sharing widely! Dandelions were actually a staple, in years past, and can be made into wine, salads, and other tasty things; they are also very important medicinally, with lots of pharmacologically active elements in them.

So, join us, be a dandelion for integration, for Crosswinds and Harambee, for your kids and the future students of Minnesota!

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