Goals for today

We would like to come up with a good enough description to put forward a request for proposals (RFP). We need enough rich description of what that would be so that we can put that together. We would like to spread the energy and ideas from this table, networks that would be interested in contributing to this site and also those that would be interested in reviewing material. We would very much like this to be a global, border-crossing endeavor. What (besides visas!) would make this kind of effort hospitable to global participation. The more people we have from global contexts, the more like this hospitality will be present.

Priamary Goal: We want a vivid description of what this project will be. In preparation for an RFP.

Secondary Goal: Begin the community-building process.

Is this the first and last meeting of this group?

It is certainly the first meeting. But we have asked for no ongoing commitment from any of you. You can decide whether or not you would like to participate in the ongoing development of this site.