Well, look at this: Godtube.com — a video sharing and social networking site explicitly set up to “connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide.” It’s a nicely done site, in terms of technical access and elegant interface — better than Youtube I think.

Where does it differ from what we’re trying to do with the OSRR? Well, for one it’s not a creative resource sharing site for materials that aren’t videos, and for another it does not use CC licenses. It also has a very explicit theological statement that appears to govern the content it wants to permit. The terms of use agreement includes the phrase that “You will not post content to the GodTube.com Web Site that is in violation of any copyright or which is illegal or prohibited by law including content which is offensive to our online Christian community…” I wonder just exactly how they intend to determine that, let alone enforce it.

The site is also interesting because it uses both “channels” and “groups” for arranging content. I also think it’s interesting that it’s publishing several blogs. Hmmmm… fascinating. I wonder if it will turn out to be big competition for us?