Cape Town Open Education declaration

Take a moment to read the Cape Town Open Education declaration, and determine if perhaps you can sign on to it and participate. I hope that — the resource many of us have been working to create — might become a concrete platform or resource within which religious communities can participate in sharing open religious education resources. For more on open education resources more generally, this list is also useful.

One thought on “Cape Town Open Education declaration

  1. According to some research papers that with the age of information technology at the center stage of human interaction, there is an emerging global consensus for collaboration in providing access to learning and knowledge and developing a wide range of educational resources in cyberspace that are free and open for everyone to use outside of the traditional models. It is referred to as ‘open education’.

    The Cape Town Open Education Declaration in September 2007 and now signed by over 1,500 individuals and more than 150 organizations all over the world urges educators and learners participation in the open education movement, and the promotion of open education resources and open education policies.

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