Today I took pictures for a comic book. I also decided to do my play tomorrow. so I’m having a great day. WHOOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great day!!!!!!

I went on the same scooter ride. That I went on yesterday. I also spent an hour on neopets. so all together I had a great day!!!!!!

2,3 or 4

I went on a all downhill scooter ride. It was 2,3 or 4 miles long. It was also on a road. So I had to wacth out for cars.


I forgot to do my homework. So I’m rushing to get it done. My dad isn’t helping much either. sorry you my think this is really dull.


Today my grandma got here. She is here for 1 month. we also have my cousin max and my uncle coming here for a week. Also my parents friends are coming for a week and a and a half. So it will be really busy here.


My dad promised we’d go swimming. But we couldn’t go swimming. I couldn’t scooter. I couldn’t play ball. I couldn’t do anything because of snow.


Today I got a brand new scooter for transportation. It looks really cool. It flames all over it. It is really fun to run down husckagasse.

my dad

Today we had to do school in bed because my dad hurt his back. We don’t know how it happened. I think he hurt his back carrying Omo. So thus concludes todays story.

hi class

Hi class, I have your answers. James wants to know, what’s your favorite kind of Austrian cookie? I don’t know what my favorite kind of austrian cookie is, so far it is Manner Schnitten. Are you going on another hike soon? I don’t Know when I’m going on another hike, we probably will this week. […]


Today Bene came over. He speaks a little bit english. He was over for a hour and a half. He really like the Wii. We also played huscka-ball.