huska ball

hi guys a lot of you have asked what huska ball is. Well it is a home made sport that is like soccer on a hill. 2 to 1000000000.0000000000000.0000000000000.00000000 [well you get the point] people. we use 3. I would suggest 2 or 4. I just heard about the tick infestation. ouch!!! bye nathaniel

hi class again

Hi class, We haven’t written in so long. I had all my guests over, so I forgot to blog. Before that I was sick. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions sooner. Pahua wants to know if you’re having fun there. Yeah, sort of. Yesterday we went on a big trip to a place called […]

hi class

Hi class, I have your answers. James wants to know, what’s your favorite kind of Austrian cookie? I don’t know what my favorite kind of austrian cookie is, so far it is Manner Schnitten. Are you going on another hike soon? I don’t Know when I’m going on another hike, we probably will this week. […]