Swatch Watch Villains

I just bought my Dominic Greene watch and then took a quiz and ended up with the same watch.

Pendragon: The Reality Bug By:D.J. MacHale

The Reality Bug began by repeating the last chapter of the previous book, in which Bobby found out that he must go to Veelox as soon as possible. Bobby went and got Gunny from First Earth to go with him, and as they arrived on Veelox Saint Dane was there, leaving for Eelong. Gunny went […]

Pendragon: The Never War By:D.J. MacHale

The never war began when Bobby and Spader landed in First Earth and found that there were 2 gangsters waiting for them at the flume. The second they stood up the gangsters fired their tommy guns at the flume and forced them onto the subway track right as a train is coming. Bobby at the […]

Pendragon: The Last City Of Faar By:D.J. MacHale

The Lost City of Faar is the second book in the Pendragon Series, which is about a Traveler named Bobby, who flumes through space and time to save different worlds. In the beginning of the book, when Bobby goes to Cloral, everything looks fine. So he hangs out with the Traveler to be from that […]