Pendragon: The Never War By:D.J. MacHale

The never war began when Bobby and Spader landed in First Earth and found that there were 2 gangsters waiting for them at the flume. The second they stood up the gangsters fired their tommy guns at the flume and forced them onto the subway track right as a train is coming. Bobby at the last second told Spader to jump behind the train and run. When they made to the station everybody thought they where aliens because they still had Cloral clothes on. The went to a newsstand to find that First Earth was 1937.

They then saw everyone was on the ground. As they turned around they saw the gangsters. Just as the gangsters were about to shoot when Vincent Van Dyke stood up and told bobby and spader to run to the train and get on. As they do this the gangsters follow them on. “now!!!!” Bobby yelled and they jumped off the train just as the doors are closing. Trapping the gangsters inside and away from them.

Then Vincent Van Dyke, aka “Gunny” take them to his home and place of work, The Manhattan Hotel, where he gets them jobs there as bellhops. They find out that the gangsters which tried to shoot at them were working for winn Farrow, who is the enemy of the highest paying customer at the hotel, Max Rose, Bobby then realizes that he learned about the 1937 period in class, and he remembers that it’s just as the wheels of WWII start turning.

He then later discovers that Max Rose is giving something to the nazis, and they are paying him via LZ129 on May 6th. Bobby tells Spader and Gunny about his discovery. A week later there is a big ball celebrating a pilot from the Coast Guard who is coming there. As Bobby and Spader serve Max Rose at his table, they realize one of the gangsters — the nervous one sneaking along the wall of the room — is pulling a gun out of a tray. They decide that Spader should go and knock the assassin down while Bobby tackles Max Rose and gets him out of the way. Bobby tackles Max Rose and saves his life, Spader helping by tackling the assassin.

Max Rose gives them both a reward by letting them work for him, but first they must pass his test. That test is to tell winn Farrow to back off. when they go, winn Farrow’s 10 gangsters circle Bobby and Spader and lead them into a hall where they meet winn Farrow for the first time. winn Farrow seems to them this crazy person. after meeting with Winn Farrow and telling him the message to back off, winn Farrow’s gangsters tie them up and launch this almost firework bomb at the building.

with the fire spreading fast, Bobby and Spader have no idea what to do. They try to get out of the ropes but they just can’t. Then they see him: Saint Dane. Just standing there, laughing at them. Eventually Saint Dane walks away but leaves the door open, giving them a route to escape. Spader, with all the rage inside him to get his revenge on Saint Dane, breaks through the ropes freeing himself and Bobby, and runs after Saint Dane. They fall through the fiery floor and land in the water. Spader then drags Bobby out to shore, and they see all the gangsters there, staring at the burning building.

Bobby then realizes there is only one way to get out of this mess. They have to run behind a truck, so that the gangsters won’t be able to get a clear shot at them, and then run home. Of course, Spader gets across without the gangsters seeing him, but then Bobby goes across and one stupid gangster turns around and goes “Hey!” and starts shooting. as the gangsters shoot at the truck, a black car drives through the mass of them, turns around and heads to Bobby and Spader. as the car comes toward them, you see Gunny pop his head out the window and say “Get in!” The car never stops driving, but the doors open and they jump in.

Bobby tells Gunny about the firework missile and Gunny tells him that he found out what LZ129 was. LZ129 was the Hindenburg. They realize that winn Farrow plans to blow up the Hindenburg with one of his missiles, and that they must stop that from happening. But Bobby isn’t quite sure that’s right, and he wishes that there was a time or a place that he could go to make sure, and Gunny tells him that there is: Third Earth. Gunny and Bobby flume to Third Earth, while Spader stays behind to make sure nothing happens. When Bobby gets there, he realizes that Third Earth is 5010, and that the world has created a perfect harmony of a place, a perfect utopia.

They find Patrick, the Traveler from that territory, and he takes them to the library. They calculate what will happen if the Hindenburg doesn’t blow up, and they find out if it doesn’t blow up, Germany will build the first atomic bomb and bomb New York, Washington, DC, and England. Thus also destroying the perfect utopia that will be Third Earth. Bobby then realizes that they have to get back as fast as they can and tell Spader not to stop the Hindenburg from blowing up. When they get back, they find a note that Spader left saying that he took a bus to the place where the Hindenburg is going to land, Lakehurst airfield, to stop the Hindenburg from blowing up.

Bobby and Gunny then go and find Jinx, the Coast Guard pilot. As he’s flying them to Lakehurst, they notice a silver bus below them, that came from New York. So Bobby jumps out of the plane with his parachute pack and lands right in front of the bus. The bus stops and lets him on. But Spader wasn’t on the bus! Then, as it stops for gas, Bobby sees somebody familiar: there is Max Rose. And along with him, in his car, is Spader. Bobby tells Spader what was going to happen if the Hindenburg doesn’t blow up, but Spader just doesn’t believe it. Bobby hitches a ride with Spader and Max Rose and then he remembers: Max Rose was supposed to get into a car accident on this trip, which will kill everybody in the car. He remembers what street it’s at, and luckily stops the car accident before they get hit.

Spader and one of Max Rose’s gangsters steal the motorcycle of the cop that almost ran into them. as they start out to Lakehurst to stop the plane, Bobby steals Max Rose’s car and starts driving it to Lakehurst airfield. when he gets there, he sees Spader and the thug about to stop winn, but luckily winn takes out the thug, but Spader is still going and about to stop the missile, but then Gunny shows up out of nowhere and stops Spader. and the Hindenburg blows up and all goes as planned. Bobby then tells Spader that he can’t work with Spader, until Spader learns to trust Bobby and not allow his rage at Saint Dane to take over. Bobby then travels to Second Earth to relax for a week. He meets up with Mark and Courtney and then moves on to Veelox, because of a distress call from a Traveler there.

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