My dad got a new camera. So I got the family camera. Which is old but works. It is blue and the lens flips out to take pictures.

Weather is good here.

hi, guys The weather is great cool and rainy. Did you like my last entry? It was fiction writing. please write an answer in a comment. bye, nathaniel

Kool and rain NO WAY

Today is 6-25-2007 a.d. Today is burning hot. No chance of rain. It is drying up here we are low on water and food. This is might be the last entry in this blog. We are not dead yet but it will happen soon. bye, Nathaniel

walk of lost

Today we decided to try out a new bus called the Wiener Wald Bus. It was comfortable and pretty. We got lost a tiny bit and got home ok. It was not so fun.

my book

Hi guys you have came here today to learn about my book. I have been reading a young james bond book called double or die. so far he has figured out 2 of the seven clues. most using anagrams. He also almost got killed.


hi guys how are you doing? I am doing fine. I do not have much to write about. But my dad and I are going to italy soon. nathaniel

club penguin

club penguin is a great online game for kids. I have alerdy done just one day and have gotten 23 friends. and a great igloo. people should try it. bye, nathaniel


I forgot to write yesterday so here it is. today I went on a crazy walk in the woods.We went up to jagerwise and back down it took 3 hours. anyway how are you guys doing??????? bye nathaniel

sorry again

hi guys how are you. I just got back from a trip around austria. what did you do this week? in our trip we went to salzburg for two days. Then we went to hallstatt for 3 days. My dad and I went peddle-boating on the in the lake nearby hallsatt It was really fun!!!!!!! […]

huska ball

hi guys a lot of you have asked what huska ball is. Well it is a home made sport that is like soccer on a hill. 2 to 1000000000.0000000000000.0000000000000.00000000 [well you get the point] people. we use 3. I would suggest 2 or 4. I just heard about the tick infestation. ouch!!! bye nathaniel