Hi guy’s I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. I thought you might have forgotten me!! so hi and bye bye nathaniel

my dad

my dad got a infection that caused a rash. he also got a swollen knee so he can’t walk for 3 weeks.He also has a whole slu of drugs he has to take.

my dad’s knee

My dad’s knee started to swell today. It is huge!!!!!!!!!! It also hurt when he walked. So we did school in bed. good bye NATHANIEL

hi class again

Hi class, We haven’t written in so long. I had all my guests over, so I forgot to blog. Before that I was sick. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions sooner. Pahua wants to know if you’re having fun there. Yeah, sort of. Yesterday we went on a big trip to a place called […]


I’m sorry didn’t write sooner. I was sick then I had my guests over. So I’m writing now. bye, nathaniel celeste nat clst