Ipod Nano thru the wash

I accidentally put my nano thru the washer!!!!! But we found it after the washer cycle and I put it next to my gecko’s heat lamp. 6-7 days later we plugged it in and it was working fine. But the most important thing is we didn’t try to turn it on until it was dry.

when it’s hot we get wet

hi guy’s we are having a big heat wave right now and my mom has to cook a turkey dinner on the hottest day for oma’s b-day. anyways a few days ago we went to a pool that was a whole island on the alte donau. so we went and got a nice shadowy place […]

walk of lost

Today we decided to try out a new bus called the Wiener Wald Bus. It was comfortable and pretty. We got lost a tiny bit and got home ok. It was not so fun.

club penguin

club penguin is a great online game for kids. I have alerdy done just one day and have gotten 23 friends. and a great igloo. people should try it. bye, nathaniel

sorry again

hi guys how are you. I just got back from a trip around austria. what did you do this week? in our trip we went to salzburg for two days. Then we went to hallstatt for 3 days. My dad and I went peddle-boating on the in the lake nearby hallsatt It was really fun!!!!!!! […]

huska ball

hi guys a lot of you have asked what huska ball is. Well it is a home made sport that is like soccer on a hill. 2 to 1000000000.0000000000000.0000000000000.00000000 [well you get the point] people. we use 3. I would suggest 2 or 4. I just heard about the tick infestation. ouch!!! bye nathaniel

my dad

my dad got a infection that caused a rash. he also got a swollen knee so he can’t walk for 3 weeks.He also has a whole slu of drugs he has to take.

my dad’s knee

My dad’s knee started to swell today. It is huge!!!!!!!!!! It also hurt when he walked. So we did school in bed. good bye NATHANIEL


I’m sorry didn’t write sooner. I was sick then I had my guests over. So I’m writing now. bye, nathaniel celeste nat clst


Today I took pictures for a comic book. I also decided to do my play tomorrow. so I’m having a great day. WHOOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!