hi class again

Hi class,

We haven’t written in so long.

I had all my guests over, so I forgot to blog. Before that I was sick. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions sooner.

Pahua wants to know if you’re having fun there.

Yeah, sort of. Yesterday we went on a big trip to a place called Mariazell where I got a stuffed animal dog named Cheezer. He is an Alaskan Huskie. I also got a pilgrim’s walking stick. But the air is too fresh here, I got used to non-fresh air when I was sick and not getting to go outside.

Tehya wants to know how many people in all will be visiting you and what is your grandma’s name.

Christopher, Max, Peggy, Ed, and my grandma Dagmar. Five people are coming here. Others might come later. My great-grandmothers name is Theodora Braun, but we call her Oma. Christopher and Max are my uncle and cousin. They were visiting us for a week, but they are now back in Cleveland, Ohio. Peggy and Ed are my Mom’s and my Dad’s friends, they are also staying for about a week. We went to a medieval Jewish museum with them, and to Mariazell. They were also here for our Easter egg hunt. We went to a bonfire and Easter markets with them too (if you see a blue blur in some of the pictures, that’s me becoming invisible).

You use a lot of exclamation points. Kaylsta wants to know “What is with all the exclamation points?”

I just felt like it. I felt like it needed to be shouted from the rooftops!!!!!!

Keiran wants to know, who bought you the scooter?

My Dad. It got me doing a lot of extra stuff. It got me going on lots of walks and downhill stuff. We did an experiment to find out how fast I was going on my scooter. I was going 30 kilometers per hour on one downhill. I went to the top of the hill, we had a starting mark and a finishing mark, we measured the time it took with my Dad’s iPod. 30 kilometers per hour is about 18 miles per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dad also got me SSX Blur for Easter. That will just get me sitting on the bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake and I want to know, what is your play about?

The ball that we play Huschkaball with. The play is called “The Ball.” Everybody in the house got to watch the play, that would be Dagmar, my Mom, and Oma. Cheezer didn’t get to watch it because he was grounded.

We also made a culture comic about Vienna. Here it is. I hope you like it.

What does your new teacher teach? How is the weather there? The weather here is great, nice and sunny. Who won the talent show?

Auf wiedersehen,
Nathaniel Celeste

One Response to “hi class again”

  1. WOW. What a great Comic Book. I read it about 5 times so I was sure not to miss a thing. I want to go to Austria. What a fun time you must be having. I think it would be fun to try and learn the languages spoken there. All I speak is English and Spanish so I would have to learn a lot!

    Have fun Nathaniel! Absorb all that you can!
    -Mr. Kleemeier