Pendragon: The Last City Of Faar By:D.J. MacHale

The Lost City of Faar is the second book in the Pendragon Series, which is about a Traveler named Bobby, who flumes through space and time to save different worlds. In the beginning of the book, when Bobby goes to Cloral, everything looks fine. So he hangs out with the Traveler to be from that territory, Spader, as a farmer working on Grallion. But then Magorran dies from a disease. They think that an evil Traveler, named Saint Dane, must be behind it. Agronomers soon test the food supply and found it had been poisoned on a one of the underwater farms, which had recently switched to a new fertilizer.
Spader then finds this weird note left to him by his father, a symbol of the fairy tale of the lost city of Faar. They then realize that once they get two other parts to it, there are coordinates along the top. They followed them to the deepest point on Cloral. They then dived under using air globes and found Faar. Spader and Bobby find out that Faar has the answer to all of Cloral’s problems and that they are sending out an antidote to the poisonous fertilizer using haulers.
But Saint Dane, disguised as Zy Roder, shot underwater torpedoes at the hauler doors and trapped them inside Faar. Bobby then realizes the battle for Cloral is over, but one of Faar’s elders talked about transpiring earlier, and they decide they might as well finish his work. As they run through the ruined and flooded Faar. They find the button to transpire and they push it with all their might. They discover that transpiring forced Faar to resurface. They would be able to get the haulers out again. Bobby, then, with all the joy stored up in him goes and gets the all haulers running.
They captured Saint Dane, but Saint Dane escaped and traveled to First Earth. As they realize this, they go back to the Flume. Just as Spader is about to Flume, the flume activates and you hear the fire of a machine gun. Bobby’s uncle Press runs forward and pushes Spader out of the way, taking the all bullets. He then dies in Bobby’s arms. He is given a proper funeral along with one of the elders of Faar, and buried in the Graveyard of Heroes. Bobby decides he must go after Saint Dane to First Earth, to stop the treachery there. So Spader and Bobby move on to First Earth, not knowing what to expect.

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