Island Of The Blue Dolphins

Hi it’s nathaniel again,

BOOK SUMMARY: I’m writing to you today about the book Island Of The Blue Dolphins By Scott O’Dell. When I first saw it looked really really boring the only reason I read the book was for school. But I got hooked on the first Chapter.

This book is about a young girl named Karana on the Island Of The Blue Dolphins which has been ravaged of most of it sea otters by the Aleuts for nothing but worthless jewels. Then when the Aleuts leave her peoples chief goes to the home of the aleuts in russia for help. After many a moons boats come with help from there chief. As everyone boards the ship a horrible storm hits and the ships must leave. But Karana realizes that her brother isn’t on any boat. So she jumps off the boat and swims to the shore. Were her brother is jumping and waving for help.

After months of moons Karana brother is killed by wild dogs. After that she decides to travel to russia by herself on 1 canoe. Two moons later she turns around and heads back to her home. She then makes a new home out of whale ribs. That Definitely keep wild dogs out. Eventually she befriends a Aleut wild dog and keeps it as a pet. When the Aleuts come back they hunt the rest of the sea otters. But the wife of a Aleut man finds Karana with her old dog. Karana and this woman befriend each other and share gifts. However soon after they leave Rontu dies.

Then Karana hunts down and captures him naming him Rontu-Antu (Rontu Jr.). Then she gets caught in huge storms that flood the land. Soon after these days she saved and taking off the island for a new life.

MY OPINION: I think that this book is a 5-star book. That deserves awards more then what it got. But a more interesting cover and maybe a catch phrase could help. Also more action verbs. But other then that it was great.

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  1. Hey, Nathaniel, that’s a wonderful essay. I count exactly 25 sentences! I think your opinion is particularly interesting, I hope in future reviews you spend a bit more time sharing what you think about the books. That’s what excites me! …Dad