MinnPost: Task force on school integration policy hears sharp debate

Beth Hawkins writes a story in MinnPost covering the integration task force: “Task force on school integration policy hears sharp debate.”

Joining them was the architect of Minnesota’s last two legal challenges to school segregation, attorney Daniel Shulman, who criticized the state for failing to enforce the law and said he’s willing to go back to court to fix that. . . .

“If parents come to me with complaints, I will file suit again,” he continued. “And I will do it for free because this is just that important.

“The incidence of an inadequate education falls 100 percent on the children who receive that inadequate education. It stunts their lives. And it has virtually no impact on those who created the inadequacy.”

The article goes on to discuss questions of constitutionality and the arguments made by social scientists with different views on how integration has affected the achievement gap. A good read!