Integration Task Force Approves Report that Affirms Integration

Minnesota’s Integration Revenue Replacement Advisory Task Force approves a report that, believe it or not, affirms integration efforts. It recommends the creation of an “Achievement and Integration for Minnesota” program (AIM) funded through existing revenue streams. The task force recommends that the state maintain statue that prohibits intentional segregation and maintain the current language defining racially isolated schools and districts.

Of particular interest to EMID families a section that allows AIM funding for:

Family Engagement that promotes involvement in the academic life and success of the student.

Also in the report, though toned down slightly from earlier drafts, is a section that asks the legislature to examine on large collaborative metro integration district:

Examine the merits of one collaborative Metropolitan Integration School District that folds in the services of existing integration districts to create efficiencies and eliminate duplication of services. This Collaborative Metropolitan School District serves all metro-area districts within the seven county area that receive integration revenue.

Some work remains for staff to prepare the final report for the legislature, but the report, as approved by 10 of the 12 task force members, is available on the EMID Families website. Since two members voted against the report, we can also expect that minority reports will be added before the task force report is forwarded to the legislature.

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