Daily Planet: Integration revenue task force approves plan

Alleen Brown writes another story in the Twin Cities Daily Plant: “Integration revenue task force approves plan.” She focusses on describing the elements of the task force report:

The task force’s plan would create an Achievement and Integration for Minnesota (AIM) program. The program would be funded by what is currently known as integration revenue. The difference: only programs that fall under a list of clearly defined categories would receive revenue. Districts would submit plans with measurable goals to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE.) The goals would include improved test scores and reduced differences in demographics between schools and between districts. Approved programs would undergo an annual review by the MDE, to determine whether or not they are meeting their goals. If not, funding would be cut.

The article is a good summary of the report. Of course, all eyes are currently on the minority reports that might emerge by Monday evening.

(Illustration from the TC Daily Planet.)