Brainstorming: What kinds of material

Thinking about the kinds of media and material we might share. Some questions came up during the brainstorming below. We acknowledge that we are talking about a digital site on the web which already excludes all sorts of users who do not have access to the collections. Perhaps, though, getting the material on the web will still help facilitate distribution.

Think about levels of access. Think about bridges between these technologies (mp3 to radio). Think about supporting meaning making. Think about presenting an alternative media representation with a more global view (note IndyMedia).

Think about how distributing our bits of connections to the divine (songs, pictures, stories) across borders can loose the content from its roots and context. Do we need to develop and code of ethics of sorts to help recover and maintain these contexts? (note Consuming Religion)

Brainstorming ideas…


database programs

planning tools


templates for teaching and learning

media that allows you to link congregations and communities of learning, to be one place in the world and engage with resources and people in other places




audio files

letters that spark conversation and discovery of gospel message (see the Taize community for example)

pop culture riffs and commentary that support meaning making