Brainstorming: Labels and categories

To facilitate more successful searching and browsing we should think about how material on the site would be collated. What kind of categories would we use for finding materials? How can this make us more inviting? Mary noticed in pulling together a handout for this meeting that there were actually theological issues embedded in the choices various other publications have made for labeling.

Brainstorming ideas…

Do we need a standardized set of tags? Could we use a technique more like flickr or that allows folks to develop their own tags?

Sensitivity to language would be needed. Can we allow users to select language and then see what is available in the language(s) they are interested in.

Including Korean in the early stages may be very appropriate given the vitality of the christian community there and the challenges the iconographic writing would present. We would both tap a strong community and ensure that our site can cope with “unicode” complexity.

We obviously have an interest in the project already to include South American languages.

We may have to “float” to where the interest would be, follow the energy.

Some advocate that too much effort in indexing would be wasted in an age of easily accessible (google-like) searching.

Provide a repository of suggested labels rather than a limited site. This can lead to a more open conversation.