The Percy Jackson Series By: Rick Riordan

The Percy Jackson series
By: Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief
Percy Jackson is going to a museum for his school, when suddenly his math teacher Mrs. Dodds, who’s always hated him, takes him to a separate wing of the museum. There, she transforms into a winged beast and tries to kill Percy. But luckily Percy’s pen turns into a sword and he kills the math teacher. When he goes outside no one seems to notice that she’s missing, and they all talk about the math teacher that they’ve had for the whole year who isn’t her. Later, when he’s on break with his mom in a cabin, this weird satyr creature comes up and warns them that they have to get out right away. He almost gets him all the way to Half Blood Hill when a minotaur attacks. Percy rips off one of the minotaurs horns and cuts the minotaurs stomach open with it, killing the minotaur. But his mom was already dead. He is claimed as son of the sea god, Poseidon, and blamed by Zeus for stealing his master bolt. He is forced to go on a quest to find it. Along the way they run into many beasts, and also Ares, who sends them on a mission to get his shield. They complete that mission, and then continue on. They also run into this weird mattress salesman, but that’s another story! When Annabeth, Grover the satyr, and Percy go into the Underworld they confront a big dog named Cerberus, and throw him a red ball which he loves. They then find Kronos, lord of the Titans, father of the gods, and figure out that he is rising back to power. Percy then finds out that he has the master bolt in his backpack, the backpack that Ares has given him. He puts it all together and goes and fights Ares, where he wins and gives the master bolt back to Zeus. He also alerts Zeus of the danger of Kronos coming back to life.

The Sea Of Monsters
I liked this book better than the first one because they talk a lot more about cyclopses, and Grover has a main role in it. Percy has to go and rescue Grover from the clutches of an evil cyclops, with his new Cyclops friend Tyson. I also like how he has to try to get a golden fleece from the Cyclops, so that he can save Half Blood Hill from being demolished and poisoned. When he puts the golden fleece back on the tree at Half Blood Hill, which stores all the shield power for the camp, it does its work all too well and releases Thalia, the daughter of Zeus from the tree. I really like how the author puts his words together so that at every moment you are interested and never left bored. It make me read until I could read no more, which is saying something.

The Titans Curse
In this book Percy had to go and save the goddess of hunt, Artemis, from the clutches of the evil lord Titan. I really liked how Percy took the sky into his own hands, off of the shoulders of Artemis, and how skeleton people attacked them all the way. I found it really upsetting that Annabeth was kidnapped and was not really in the story at all until the very end. But there at least was a daughter of Zeus. They went and had to go and fight Atlas, the guy who was holding up the sky. Luckily they won, by chance. I loved how in the book Annabeth’s dad helped them by flying his WWII fighter plane and shooting down half of the army of Kronos. I was really happy that they included a new twist to the story, by now having a son of Hades, who is good, believe it or not. But he looks like ten and is actually 86 years old.

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