The Tales Of Beedle The Bard

The tales of Beedle the Bard
By:Beedle the Bard
Notes by:J.K. Rowling

The Tales Of Beedle The Bard Is split into 5 stories of magical encounters, battles and love (twisted love).

The wizard and the hopping pot

This story begins with the with a son whose father has recently died and him his “magic” pot. The son finds in the pot a slipper, but alas only 1 slipper not a pair. Later the same day a villager comes in need of help for her granddaughter has a mighty spot of warts. The pot then grows a foot and starts to hop around with warts all over it. As more people come the pot gets all the misfortunes of them too. The wizards spell can do nothing to help keep the pot contained or heal it. The wizard then decides to go around and help the people. The pot illness stops and the wizard is allowed to put the slipper on the pot.

Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore explains the why most wizards hate this book as it includes pureblood helping muggles. He also shed the light on his and the kids hate of the “Happy” version. “Mrs.bloxam’s tale has met the same response from generations of wiziarding children: Uncontrollable retching, followed by an immediate demand to have the book taken from them and mashed into pulp.” good words I must say.

The fountain of fair fortune

The fountain of fair fortune begins when 3 witches form a partnership so they can all make it to The Fountain. As there sucked into the forest they clamp hands and one gets caught on a knights armor causing him to come with. There first challenge asked for proof of pain with the tears of Asha (the first witch) they pass. The second challenge wanted the fruit of their labors altheda walked hard but never moved. The sweat off her brow allowed them to pass.
Finally the final challenge arrived. Pay me the treasure of your past Amata finally put her memory into the river and some stepping stones appeared. They then realized they where better and the went back down. The Fountain little did they know was just a plain old fountain.

Dumbledore’s commentary
He tells of the hatred of this tale for at the end a witch marries a Muggle Knight. HOW HORRIBLE!!(It’s his favorite)

The Warlocks Hairy Heart

A young rich wizard noticed that you grow foolish when in love. Thus he pledged not to love, so he dabbled with the dark art’s. Big No No. He one day he met a bloody rich witch and he “dated” her. He finally let his secret out to her. He had cut his heart out and put it in a jar, but when he tried to put the HAIRY heart back in his chest a beast arose. He cut out the girl’s heart and then his own. Sadly they both died. 🙁
Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore comments on the gruesomeness of this tale and also tells that people don’t hate this tale. STRANGE 🙂 It also proves the first of Adalbert Waffling’ Fundamental laws of magic “Tamper with the deepest mysteries the source of life, the essence of self only if prepared for consequences of the most extreme and dangerous kind.”

Babbitty Rabbitty And Her Cackling Stump

A king believed only he should have magical powers (he is only a mere muggle king) and so he sent out a witch hunting brigade with black hounds. He then sent out for a magical tutor. No true witch or wizard volunteered, but alas a peasant saw his chance and asked the king to give him gold, ruby and 1- 2 sliver chalices, all of which the king did give the peasant. Little did the peasant know he was being watched picking twigs for wands by a real witch babbitty rabbitty. One day the king want’s to show off his “magic” to his court. So the peasant steals Babbitty’s wand and forces her to hide in a bush and do the kings tricks for him. She does great until the king must rise the dead. She fails and runs away, the guards see her and give chase. As she runs around a corner and turns into a tree. They guards cut down the tree and Babbitty cackles while torturing the king with a cruciatus curse. she demands a statue to built in her honor. After it is built a bunny pops out and sails away in a pot.

Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore talks of animagi and how Babbitty was most likely one.

The Tale Of The Three Brothers

Three Brothers alluded Death so Death gave them gifts. A never losing wand to the first, a rock to bring the dead and to the third a cloak of invisibility. The first brother is killed by a knife in the dark. The second brother tries to bring back his fiance but she is so life he kills himself to live fully in death with his fiance, but the third evaded death until the very end when he died happy and old.

Dumbledore’s commentary
Dumbledore talked about the cloak that could exist along with the wand. He also talked about the risk of “reanimation” and it’s impossibility.

My opinion
I think that this book was great with good notes and commentary. I also like the tale of the three bros. the best because it show that brains can be better then brawn, But the other ones were okay.

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