Integration Task Force Meeting: 15 November 2011

NOTE: These are not official minutes, these are very biased and raw notes. Don’t expect fairness, balance, or completeness! I am just trying to be quick at communicating what is happening on the task force. Initials generally refer to task force members, a list of whom can be found at the official task for website. …Eric

MDE will not be as involved in this task force as in many other committees and task forces. This TF is much more independent. It is a public TF and we can expect that packets and information prepared for the TF will be available on the web.

How to best allocate funds previously allocated per MS 124D.86
$40M for 2014 and $68M for 2015
This statute is now repealed for FY2014

124D.855 newly enacted to outlaw school segregation… Does not condone separating students based on demographic, ethnic, or racial criteria.

Achievement gap purpose was first put in law in 2009 and effective for the 2009/10 school year. Only in its second year.

Green asks for clarification about repurpose. Brenda says that the special session provided urgency to the conversation by sunsetting the provision. Dollars are still there for 2014-15, but what will we do with them after that?

Kirsten, this is a wonderful opportunity to be innovative and creative. She sees repurposing = replacement. Mariani, would not support using a different word and thinks that repurposing offers a lot of room for creativity.

Orfield, points out that Judge Larson never found our districts “unitary” and there may still be an ongoing obligation that would be important to understand.

Anne Parks… Rule has the force of law, but is trumped by statute. Rule will stand even after revenue statute dies. No action to remove rule. School District Integration Revenue report
Judy Randall presented

Seems odd that this whole meeting is about integration aid, rather than thinking beyond integration. Orfield pointing to Justice Kennedy and Title Six ruling for guidance.

Battle nominates Peter as chair. Ericsson nominates Thomas. TF decides not to nominate the legislators. TF adopts unanimously.

Note that integration transportation aid was not amended by the legislature and is not on the cutting block at this time.

Tuesday’s from 1:30-4pm in CCA Room 13: 11/15, 11:29, 12/13, 12/20, 1/10, 1/17, 2/7. Maybe hold final meeting at statehouse.

END OF NOTES, more about the task force on our Integration Revenue Replacement Advisory Task Force page.