Participating on the “Community Councils”

Jerry Robicheau writes: “Here is what I am sending out to parents who have so far volunteered to participate on the Community Councils. I have 6 from Crosswinds and about the same number from Harambee. Please share what you wish with EMID Community. We will place the dates and location on the web.”


I want to thank you for your willingness to assist with developing the Integration Plan for EMID and Phase 2 of its Strategic Plan. EMID is at a critical time and your participation to assist in developing these 2 plans is essential. I have attached a document that outlines the process that will be used to develop these plans. The process includes the formation of a Community Council. The charge of the Community Council is: Develop and recommend a final plan to the EMID Board that satisfies requirements of the Integration Plan and Strategic Plan in collaboration with EMID Administrators. The Community Council will be responsible for developing a plan that focuses on programs and services of EMID.

We have set the 2 meeting dates for this Community Council. To be respective of the parents evening commitments, we have set the following two Saturdays: February 4 and March 3. The meetings will be held from 8:30-12. The location of the meetings will be determined within the next week. Once that place is set we will let you know. However, we wanted to get the dates out to you so you can get them on your calendar.

I sincerely hope you will assist us in this critical work. You participation is essential in determining the services and program to be available to student in EMIDs Districts. I look forward to you participation on the Community Council.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Jerry W. Robicheau, PH.D.
Interim Superintendent of School