WSNAC Meeting Open to All

Many of the concerns we have in the neighborhood revolve around the University of Saint Thomas. This is just a reminder that the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Committee, a group that brings St. Thomas and the community together to solve problems, has regular meetings open to the public. You are welcome and might want to consider attending.

Here are the details for the next meeting of the Transportation, Parking, Safety and Student Relations subcommittee of WSNAC. Just RSVP to Jim if you’d like to attend.

Greetings WSNACers, and specifically members of the Transportation, Parking, Safety and Student Relations Subcommittee,

Please review the below agenda for our upcoming TPS&SR meeting and let me know if you plan to attend.

We’ll look forward to seeing you next week, 10/3/12 at 6:30 PM in the Anderson Student Center (ASC) #234.

Agenda: (Times listed for Agenda items are approximate)

6:30 –Introductions and welcome to new and returning members. (Group)

6:35 – Update on restorative justice initiative. (Leo)

6:45 – Update on Grand Avenue bridge moratorium. (Leo)

6:55 – Review Neighborhood Initiatives and General Fall update, including; (Jim, Dan and Josh)

  • Community Court update
  • Party bus issue
  • Neighborhood disturbances and responses
  • Updates on neighborhood initiatives from off campus student services
  • Neighborhood clean up
  • Upcoming events

7:20 – Update on USG initiatives. (Derek VanLith)

7:30 – Review, update and make recommendation regarding the pedestrian safety plan. (Group)

7:55 – Other issues for future consideration by the subcommittee.

8:00 – Adjourn



James E. Sachs, JD, MA
Asst. Dean of Students
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue #5041
St. Paul, MN 55105
Office ASC 241

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What’s up with the curbs?

You may have noticed that some work is being done on the curbs on Lincoln Avenue. It turns out that the tree trenches were designed and specified based on an assumption that we would not be saving our ash trees on Lincoln. Of course, thanks to the effort of many neighbors, many of our ash trees were treated instead of being cut down. Unfortunately, that information did not get back to the designers of the tree trenches and as a result, many trenches were laid down immediately next to existing rescued ash trees.

Of course, the forester has pointed out that since the ashes were saved, no new tree will be planted in that close proximity and new tree trench for a new tree is required. Oops!

This is now being cleaned up. The curb cuts and tree trenches in these locations are being removed, that’s the work in progress right now.

Still to come is modification work on the remaining tree trenches. The model for the new, shallower version of these trenches has been constructed outside 2005 Lincoln, if you want to take a look. That trench has been shallowed and a different soil put on top. Once sod is replaced it should be considerably less steep and easier to mow. If you have feedback on that trench, or other questions about tree trenches on Lincoln, please contact Lisa Falk-Thompson at 651-266-6117.

In addition to the work shallowing the trenches, those that were not draining properly will be reconstructed to properly drain. All this work will be going on over the coming weeks.

RSVP meeting, 9/17

The city is mailing out notices of a meeting for Prior/Goodrich RSVP neighbors at 6pm on 9/17 at the Groveland Rec Center. Tom Stadsklev noted that any questions about the project are welcome, from assessments to lighting to rain gardens and tree trenches.

Lisa Falk-Thompson is also preparing a second letter to address many of the tree trench questions the city has been getting. A fix-up of those trenches is planned, including making them a bit shallower, making their slope gentler, and in some cases adjusting the soils used to ensure they drain properly.

Trench Troubles

A couple neighbors stopped by to talk about tree trenches over the weekend. The stench of the two trenches that are not draining properly has been noted, and some folks are also concerned about the depth of the trenches that were dug for trees.

I gave Drew McLean, our site inspector, a call today and learned that plans are afoot to shallow up the tree trenches on Lincoln Avenue. He expects that work to happen within the next two weeks. It should also address the two trenches that are not draining properly.

Drew also mentioned that questions about the trenches could be brought to a neighborhood meeting being set up by Tom Stadsklev, our project manager. That meeting will be at 6pm on Monday 9/17 at the Groveland Recreation Center. Look for details in a mailing about the project assessments that should be coming soon.