Cleveland Avenue Bicycle Lanes

I was able to attend the open house for the Cleveland Avenue Bicycle Lanes proposal last week. I really like this proposal, which eliminates parking on much of Cleveland in favor of bike lanes on both sides of the street. The parking on Cleveland has always made me nervous anyway, and I see more and more bicyclists and want to make sure we provide safe right-of-ways for them.

Of course, your opinion may differ, which is why I wanted to make sure to point you to the Cleveland Avenue Bicycle Lanes page on the Saint Paul website. Here you will find much of the same information shared at the open house last week. Note the contact information at the bottom of the page, make sure to let the city know what you think of the plan.

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Highland Villager: Concerns raised over changing permit parking area near St. Thomas

Jane McClure writes in the Highland Villager: “Concerns raised over changing permit parking area near St. Thomas.” (Wednesday, 8 February 2012, page 12, is anyone else as annoyed as I am that the Villager is not online?)

The article covers the 1/23 MGCC Transportation Committee meeting. She quotes several neighbors, misspelling names along the way:

“Permit parking is not popular,” said Eric Hess, who lives in the area of Lincoln that does not have permit parking now. “People would love to have the street back in the evenings and not have to use visitor passes.”

“We’d like summers off,” said Lincoln Avenue resident Kristine Anderson.

McClure also covered the opposition to changes in Area 21 parking:

“What we’re concerned about is that we’re taking one block’s problem and pushing it onto another,” [Lenny Russo] said.

The article notes that the full MGCC board will be voting on the Area 21 parking permit request tomorrow evening, February 9, during their 6:45pm meeting at the Edgecumbe Rec Center. Neighbors concerned about the issue should consider attending to make sure the board hears from all sides of the issue.