Prior-Goodrich Rain Garden Planting Day, 6/8

On Saturday, June 8th our rain gardens will have their planting day! If you had a rain garden installed by the city during the RSVP project last year, then you should already have received a notice about the planting day. Here’s the schedule:

9am, Visit the Planting Tent at Groveland Recreation Center tennis courts. Meet Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) staff to pick up your plants and planting plan. You can also borrow tools if you need them.

9am-Noon, CRWD staff and volunteers from Great River Greening will be on hand throughout the Prior-Goodrich project area providing planting help and advice.

Noon-2pm, Great River Greening water trucks will visit each newly-planted garden to give it a thorough soaking.

If you have questions about the plan for your rain garden, the planting day, or the maintenance required for your garden, contact Elizabeth at CRWD, 651–644-8888.

Area 21 Permit Pushback

Some residents of Area 21 who live on the south side of Summit Avenue had a conversation with the Transportation Committee of the Mac Groveland Community Council on April 22nd to ask that they be removed from Area 21 and added to Area 19 or 20 to join the north side of Summit Avenue. Their concern is that the new hours have allowed evening students of St. Thomas to park on Summit for their classes.

The Transportation Committee has supported their request for a petition to change the boundaries of the parking areas, and that request is now going to the city transportation staff for review. It is not yet clear who all would have to sign off on that petition or what percentage of signatures they would require.

If this moves ahead as planned, then it would not change the rules on Lincoln, Grand, or Goodrich. Have folks noticed any downsides of the new rules anywhere else in Area 21?